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Growing up lakeside in rural North Carolina, my days were comprised of uncluttered and seemingly unending hours. While there were many afternoons of mudpie-making and water skiing, the days often crawled in anticipation of—someday. Occasionally, the monotony was broken by a weekend with my large extended family and buckets of homemade ice cream. Most of those long hours, however, were filled with reading.


After college I stepped into my career as a radio news journalist, eventually wading into marketing and copywriting for various companies and organizations. Eventually, I took up freelance writing, a stream that offered the ebbs and flows that accommodated motherhood and, over time, coaxed me into the deep waters of original storytelling.

Book Inspirations

The Blu Phenomenon was born out of the experience of adopting a child from Hong Kong, a place whose people have long hoped for freedom from the restraints of Communism. It is a fictional exploration of how adoption might make that hope a reality. 

Grandpa Lou and the Tale of the Not-So-Hidden Treasure reflects the unforgettable contributions of two sets of extraordinary grandparents to my life. My hope is that this simple story will serve as a connecting point for grandparents and their "grands" who look to them—now more than ever—for unconditional love, acceptance, and guidance.

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