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You don't just find not-so-buried treasure.

It finds you.

Max loved spending summers at Grandpa Lou and Grandma Faye's house by the lake. At bedtime, Grandpa Lou always had a story to share from his youth. The tale of how Grandpa Lou discovered

not-so-buried treasure was one of Max's favorites.

Thoughtful and imaginative readers will be inspired by the story of a young Louis, who happily shares pieces of his not-so-buried treasure with others. With each encounter, it becomes clear that everyone has their own idea of what makes a real treasure. 

As the tale unfolds, young Louis learns the deeper secret of not-so-buried treasure--a secret that Grandpa Lou now passes along to his grandson, Max. As night falls, Max discovers that he, too, is the keeper of a treasure that  can never be lost or taken away.

A charming story filled with joy and a not-so-buried message of hope, love, kindness, and generosity. It's an instant classic that should be on every child's bookshelf.

Joyce Shulman, CEO Macaroni Kid and author of Walk Your Way to Better

A relationally rich tale, reminding us that people and their good deposits in our lives become our not-so-buried treasures. A thoughtful must-read where love wins AND lasts forever!

Melody Hogan, Inspirational artist and author of Every Chance in the World

A heartwarming story both simple and profound.

Robin Chalkey, author of Noah Don't Think So


Is it possible for a Chinese adoptee living in America to become the open door to radical change in the country of his birth?


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Shelf Unbound Indie Book Finalist

Best Book Competition Finalist

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